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Friday, August 12, 2005

I Can Smell Dead Things

We have arrived at my favorite season--the one in which dead things miraculously appear on the beach. So lovely to roll in!

But my age and decrepitude are hindering me. In the past, I could locate a dead salmon and roll in it faster than She could say "Get the f%ck away from that stinking thing!"

But the tables have turned. Now She spots them and steers me clear of them. The whole beach smells like dead salmon and I got nuthin! Darn.

My apologies for the long silence. They have been running me ragged. Girls (yay!) have been visiting and they were going nonstop the whole time. Instead of leaving me home so I could update my glog, they dragged me everywhere they went. They really wore me out on a hike to a cabin on a lake. It was a beautiful lake and there was even a dock that needed patrolling.

They kept forgetting to keep an eye on me, so I got in some good sniffing. Unfortunately, I got carried away and fell into the lake over my head.

I know, retrievers are supposed to like water, but this one doesn't. At least, not water over my knees. They heard all the splashing and came running. It was very scary. I finally got back to shore and He had to push me back up the bank. I'm wayyy too old for this sort of thing! Then they wouldn't let me in the cabin for hours because I was wet and "smelly," whatever that means. I almost lost my life, people!

We spent the night in the cabin and then hiked out the next day. It almost killed me. I just can't climb up and over all those obstacles like I used to.

The girls left this morning--very sad. I really enjoyed having them in our pack for a week. They really liked me and gave me treats. Less petting than I would have liked, but they have allergies.

Now I plan to sleep for the next two days. If they'll let me. Whoever invented jogging as a leisure time activity should be shot.

I'll post the next installment in my Life Story as soon as I get rested up.


  • Morgan! Welcome back. Your fan club missed you. Too bad my friend Maggie is in San Diego. Her favorite activity in life is petting Goldens.

    And be careful of those lakes!

    By Anonymous Jeff Meyerson, at 6:12 AM  

  • Thanks, Jeff. I really appreciate your support. Tell Maggie if she ever comes to Alaska, I'm good-looking and available. (For petting, of course!)

    By Blogger Morgan, at 10:52 AM  

  • There you go Morgan, whining and complaining again!!!

    As Perry Como used to sing (or so my mother told me)
    Count your blessings instead of sheep...

    By Anonymous Eleanor, at 1:41 PM  

  • And since when is your mother a reliable source, El?

    By Anonymous Jeff Meyerson, at 12:49 PM  

  • Morgan, ignore this post - Jeff and I will be using your space for bickering!

    Jeff, that was the "fictitious", generic, mother - you know: artistic license :)

    By Anonymous Eleanor, at 9:07 AM  

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